Video Marketing for small business examples

If you want to increase your online visibility, drive qualified traffic to your site and convert that traffic into leads, video marketing is a must have.

Here are a couple of examples of how creative but affordable video content we have produced has helped.

Cole Henley Barbeques

Cole Henley, a niche luxury garden table/barbeque product and service brand, needed a couple of video marketing assets to be produced for online & email marketing campaigns as well as at events and for instore use.


1 – A product promo video


2 – A brand film


Like many small business’s they didn’t have a big budget for their video production needs. Our solution, a highly creative self shooting director (in case your’re wondering what that is here is a BBC description) who could concept, script, film and edit these films by himself.


The promotional video was shot in an old barn next door to their workshop. It took half a day to film and used minimal camera and lighting equipment (as this was a one man band running the whole production).


The event/brand film was filmed on location in  a day at one of their events.  By using a simple but beautifully shot style with clean graphics, we created a film that was both informative and engaging.


The video footage from both shoots was taken back to our studio to be edited and graded.


The result


The promo and event fillm we developed as part of the inbound strategy helped increase traffic to the Colehenley website by 42% over a 2 month period in the run up to Summer. The videos have also been used extensively at trade shows and at instore displays with retailer stockists.


You can see the films here


Kontakt Mobile

Kontakt Mobile a mobile tech start up servicing Polish citizens in the UK needed a marketing film /online campaign to use on social media, as part of a bigger marketing drive. Details on that here

Btw this is a great article on Inc about using video to advertise on social media

It had considered going down the animated explainer video route but felt that this was much oversused, did not stand out and most importantly said nothing about the brand.

Not wanting to go down the potentially expensive route of using actors, locations and graphics we came up with an idea which used the companies two founders, a small studio and some props.

We filmed them live over half a day then edited the footage in post production, transforming them into silhouettes which was then intergrated with elements from their brand.

The assets were also reused for banner and display adverts

The result

The online advert was seeded organically and through paid search on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other niche sites.  It was shared organically over 80K times (a huge amount considering the demograhic of the audience), more importantly there was a marked 18% increase in app sign ups /sales compaired to previous  quarters.

See the film here

Happy Customers

The guys at Filmekaniks fully understood what we needed, not only from a creative perspective but aslo from a marketing one. We were so impressed by the visuals created that we used the imagery in our other marketing content.

Archie Floyd


Coming from an advertsing background I knew how important video was to promoting our business and increasing sales, I just didn’t expect it to make such an impact. Hugely creative and friendly bunch to work with.

Anthony Greeves


Happy Customers

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